Climbing can be a fun activity to those who indulge, but also could have loads of risks especially if the climber isn’t properly geared. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t indulge in climbing if you don’t have a gear on. Being kitted in the right climbing gear have a way of shielding you from too much bodily damage should a fall occur.

Here are a couple of climbing gears we have for sale that we believe every climber should patronize. For us, these aren’t equipment that should be overlooked; they are a must if you must go climbing.

Rock climbing shoes are a good place to start your purchase, climbing would demand you having to go through steeps and slopes, and being kitted with the wrong shoes can make the process more of a hassle than fun. So we recommend having your climbing shoes in place.

Climbing Helmet- the importance of having this on cannot be overemphasized. We sell original helmets. You want to steer clear just any kind of helmet; helmet that cannot shield if danger come calling. We admonish that this equipment mustn’t be bought from just anywhere, as carelessness in making this decision of where you buy could cost you more eventually—be sure of the make and the manufacturer.

Climbing ropes: You also want to confirm that you aren’t purchasing this from just anywhere. Our climbing ropes can help lift you to heights; you shouldn’t have any fears of it breaking because it cannot.

Other equipment that would come in handy, and that can be found in our collection include belay devices, chalk, harnesses, chalk bags and bucket, quickdraw, and climbing helmets. Whatever equipment you seek to make your climbing adventure truly fun and safe, we have it all in our collection.