Hiking can be extremely fun and a great way to pass time. If you’ve never embarked on a hiking trip, we highly recommend that you plan towards it, as it promises to change a lot of the way your perspective on some salient issues. Hiking is a great way to embrace nature, and get to have a feel with your environment in another dimension —so we look forward to making a decision to bask in it!

There are some gears that would help make your overall hiking trip a huge success, and we have them in our stores. All of the equipment we have available for hiking are relevant to having a fun-filled experience and we absolutely encourage you to purchase them before you embark on your trip.

We have in our store binoculars- to aid you in seeing beyond where your optical eyes can see; Trekking poles –this will help you with stability as you walk, and also if you sustain injury in the cause of your hiking; insect repellants- to help in repelling insects; whistle- in case you will your way or are lost, this could be a life saver in getting attention to where you are; sleeping bag- this will come in handy if you are caught up in low-light and you have to camp the night out; emergency shelter- this is usually in form of a tent, a bivy, a storm shelter or an emergency reflective blanket.

You should also consider purchasing rubbish bags as it’s not ideal to litter where you reside with dirt so you don’t attract animals insects to you, water infiltration system will definitely if you run out of the supply of water.

We have lip balm, spare batteries, map, compass, sunglasses, sun hat, headlamp, handheld torch, matches, knife, toilet paper, sun cream, etc. in our shop for sale. So we encourage you to breeze in and check out our store for yourself; this way, you won’t leave out any vital item before your hiking trip.

We also advise that before you embark on your hiking, ensure you leave emergency contact information behind, and to ensure you purchase some basic medications. The itinerary of your hike could also be left on the trail head of your car and possibly leave a copy with a friend as well.

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